What we do?

T. TERMICOS TEY, S.L, is the only company dedicated exclusively to heat treating alloy steels for tools and equipment and providing technical advice for this sector.

The company was established in 1976, driven by the entrepreneurial and creative spirit that characterizes the people of this land, with the aim of transferring their academic skills to the industrial world, reinforced by practical experience.

The effort and enthusiasm invested in the project is reflected in excellent results, which significantly raised production of treated tools. Today, this drive continues to motivate T. TERMICOS TEY to work with the same enthusiasm to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. To this end, T. TERMICOS TEY TEY is based on a business model understood from a global perspective that, as well as increasing production through heat treatment, provides an expert advice service.

In order to make use of our knowledge of heat treatment of alloy steel technologies and the technical advice that marks them out as different, T. TERMICOS TEY has a total production area of 7,500 square meters, of which 3,600 square meters are covered with a wide range of equipment in order to apply the most appropriate thermal process to the tool entrusted by the client. We currently employ a highly skilled, 30-strong workforce and state of the art facilities, equipped with vacuum furnaces of up to 20 bar overpressure and an operating capacity of up to of 1,110 mm in diameter by 1,500 mm in length, making us a quality leader in structural transformation and dimensional stability in steels and high-performance alloys, and enabling us to improve the performance of tools and equipment. This furnace provides a cooling rate much higher than conventional ovens, ensuring optimal performance in treated equipment and tools in comparison to other technologies.

In the field of tools, TEY works to provide innovative treatments for forging, stamping and casting tools used in injection moulding for aluminium and plastic. We tempers dies, stamps, moulds and tools and is approved by major European and American automotive companies to treat their aluminium injection moulds, which acquire their optimal properties only with great difficulty.

Together with these manufacturers, our customer relationship includes virtually the entire auxiliary automotive sector in Spain.

TEY treatments are also present in the demanding aeronautics sector, and provide their components with the transformation necessary to optimize their mechanical strength and performance. In this sector, our plant is certified by the major companies, for which we treat a range of components.

In terms of quality, TEY’s objective is to achieve the implementation of the Total Quality system, a goal set out in the commitment of the company to achieve excellence for its product and maintain its leading position.

In its commitment to development, T. TERMICOS TEY has computerized all areas of the company. It runs a Total Traceability System and has invested in research, strengthening its laboratory with Emission Spectrometry Analysis equipment, which allows for testing without destroying the part.

T. TERMICOS TEY values and encourages creative concerns, because we believe that they break new ground in the development of the future of the company. We also manage human resources in order to make work more rewarding and effective by promoting personnel training and retraining.

Our respect for and commitment to the environment has led, T. TERMICOS TEY to invest in clean technologies. This policy is reflected in the implementation of a cutting-edge cleaning machine which processes all discharged liquids, so that the end result is the equivalent of distilled water.